PAB schedule scanned letter (Last Updated 2021): PAB schedule scanned letter. Download

Manual for Checking Discrepancies (Last Updated 2020): Manual for Checking Discrepancies. Download

Uploading Procedure for AWPB, 2022-23 (Last Updated 2020):  Download

Model Tables (Last Updated 2022-2023):  Download

Annexure-I (Last Updated 2022-2023):  Download

Annexure-2 (Last Updated 2022-2023):  Download

Appraisal Report Format-Chapterisation, 2019-20 (Last Updated 2022-2023):  Download

Appraisal Team and Schedule for PAB 2022-23 (Last Updated 2022-2023):  Download


Framework of Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan (Last Updated 2018):  Download

Indicative Budget(Last Updated 2018):  Download

Scheme Norms (Last Updated 2018):  Download


Samagra Shiksha (Last Updated 2018):  Download

Presentation for District level Officials(Last Updated 2018):  Download

Presentation of Capacity Building Workshop on FMP Manual & PMS(Last Updated 2018):  Download

Shaala Kosh (Last Updated 2018):  Download

Diksha (Last Updated 2018):  Download


Appraisel Team & Schedule (Last Updated 2018):  Download

Format for digital_classroom-1 (Last Updated 2018):  Download

FMP Document (Last Updated 2018):  Download

User Manual

Vocational Education Entry (Last Updated 2021):  Download

User Manual of OOSC (Last Updated 2021):  Download

User Manual of OOSC API(Last Updated 2021):  Download

Procedure to Release Funds to Schools(Last Updated 2021):  Download